The Team

Uriel Fliss

Uriel Fliess

Uriel Fliess, the founder and General Manager of SHAAR, graduated from New York Polytechnic University as an Industrial Engineer and was accredited as PMP by PMI. He has over 25 years of experience in project management, project risk management, industrial engineering and O&M [Organization & Methods].

For eight years in the 90’s, Uriel served as a senior project manager at Eshed Engineers & Consultants. He also established Eshed’s northern branch and managed it for five years. Subsequently, Uriel set up and managed a Project Management Office for Taro Pharmaceuticals‘ R&D institute in Haifa. In 2002, upon returning to the center of Israel, Uriel set up an O&M department at Migdal Insurance Group and managed it for over two years, after-which he was hired as a senior project manager at Orantech Management Systems in Tel Aviv. After a short while, Uriel was promoted to Manager for Hi-Tech, SW & Infrastructure, responsible for a team of over 25 engineers and project officers. He managed project-related services for a variety of hi-tech companies, companies in the defense industry as well as software and IT organizations.

Since 2007, Uriel has been self employed and provides professional services in the field of project management, project risk management, tender management and proposal preparation. Uriel established SHAAR in early 2010, and has been managing the company ever since.

Uriel serves as Vice President and a member of the Board of PMI-Israel.

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מיכל עזר

Sefi Hacohen

Sefi Hacohen, a manager and partner at SHAAR, is an Industrial Engineer, MBA, PMP certified, and has over 30 years of experience as a senior project manager in organizations running multiple and mega projects.In the 90’s, he established and managed the Public & Municipal Projects Division in Eshed Consulting Engineers. Subsequently, he managed a similar field at IBM Global Services, and then was hired as Vice President and CIO at Eshed Asset Management.

From 2007 until the end of 2014, he established and managed the Project Controls Division of NTA [the company constructing the Tel Aviv light rail network], and has led the effort to create and manage project schedules, risk management and reporting system of the company. These projects encompassed teams of professionals and external consultants, and included a portfolio of mega projects totaling tens of billions ₪.

Sefi has substantial experience in construction, management and operation of complex organizational units in a wide range of companies and organizations; in planning and control of a variety of projects and mega projects; in analyzing and managing complex information systems; and in management of large and inter-disciplinary teams.

More information can be found at – Sefi Hacohen's profile on LinkedIn

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Michal Azar

Michal Azar

Michal Azar is a senior project manager, and has been with SHAAR since 2010. She is an Industrial Engineer, with an MBA and with PMP certification. Michal has over 20 years of experience in wide-ranging programs in the hi-tech industry, financial institutions and communication companies.

Michal has vast experience in the specification and implementation of organizational processes and project management methodologies; in work with global and cross-company teams; and in planning and accomplishing system-wide projects from initiation to delivery. Prior to her work at SHAAR, Michal worked for Orantech Management Systems as a consultant and project manager for clients such as Partner, Mizrahi Bank, Lenslet and SunGard. Her last position at Orantech was Deputy Manager for Hi-Tech, SW & Infrastructure.

Michal joined SHAAR in 2010, where for almost four years she worked as a project manager and senior consultant to Logic Industries’ management. Since 2014, Michal leads SHAAR’s activity at several clients such as Nano-Dimension, Malam Systems and others.

More information can be found at  View Michal Azar, PMP's profile on LinkedIn