A small-large company

SHAAR has a lean corporate structure, and retains its operational flexibility by employing a large pool of independent SMEs and business partners in a wide variety of related professional disciplines such as Systems Engineering, ILS, LCC, RAMS and more.

A multi-disciplinary company

SHAAR’s added-value intensifies when it comes to multi-disciplinary mega-projects, particularly those that involve a combination of engineering complexity and management challenges; such as System-of-Systems’ projects in the A&D industry, projects incorporating civil engineering with complex HW & SW systems, and more.

A company for complex projects

SHAAR advocates a systemic perspective that bridges the domains of project management and systems engineering. This integrative concept assures a holistic system-wide perception of the project, connecting the project’s engineering and management aspects and maximizing the likelihood for success.

SHAAR, in partnership with MNS Consulting, selected to lead schedule and risk management in a mega project to relocate IDF camps
SHAAR selected as Risk Manager for a mega-project to expand Ben Gurion Airport’s train station & track alignment
SHAAR leads schedule management in large tenders for TAHAL
SHAAR leads risk management in large construction projects for Israel Airports Authority