A small-large company

SHAAR has a lean corporate structure, and retains its operational flexibility by employing a large pool of independent SMEs and business partners in a wide variety of related professional disciplines such as Systems Engineering, ILS, LCC, RAMS and more.

A multi-disciplinary company

SHAAR’s added-value intensifies when it comes to multi-disciplinary mega-projects, particularly those that involve a combination of engineering complexity and management challenges; such as System-of-Systems’ projects in the A&D industry, projects incorporating civil engineering with complex HW & SW systems, and more.

A company for complex projects

SHAAR advocates a systemic perspective that bridges the domains of project management and systems engineering. This integrative concept assures a holistic system-wide perception of the project, connecting the project’s engineering and management aspects and maximizing the likelihood for success.

Shaar selected as Risk Manager for a mega-project to expand Ben Gurion Airport’s train station & track alignment
Shaar prepares tender documents for a strategic IT project for Israel Ministry of Interior